Hair Loss: What to do

Our hair is our crowning glory.. For nine months during pregnancy my hair has grown so full and soft, which my hair  has never been before.  It's so fascinating how I'd feel how beautiful I am while I'm pregnant and then after three months after giving birth my hair started to fall out which is noticeable, whenever I take a shower I see strands of hair on the floor,pillow and in the shower drain even when I just used my hand to comb my hair they are really falling out and now my beautiful hair is thinning which many women doesn't want too.

But we can do something to lessen or to stop this by following this step:

     Sleep and Relax
      Sleep at least 8 hours a  day when you often don't get enough sleep it can lead to feeling stressed and we all know too much stress can cause hair loss.

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        Experts believe that drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day can help other hair and scalp issues, such as hair thinning and dandruff, our hair looks dry when we don't drink enough water.
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        Taking your multivitamin once a day won't hurt, so take it you may not see the result as fast as you wanted to but probably the result is for long-term. Also check for iron-deficiency, it can also cause hair fall.

        Photo by Daniel R. Blume of  DBduo Photography

        Scalp Massage
          Scalp massage is a great way to promote good blood circulation to your scalp, it can reduce dry skin and dandruff by stimulating the hair's natural oil, it can also lessen stress and facial muscles will be relaxed.
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            Minoxidil is really good for hair loss, but Ooops! this is not for everyone you shouldn't use this if you are:
            • not sure of the reason of your hair loss
            • under 18 years of age
            • using other medicines on the scalp
            • pregnant or breast feeding
             It  slows or stops hair loss and promotes hair regrowth. It is widely used for the treatment of hair loss, it has been proven clinically effective in both the prevention of loss and in establishing varying degrees of hair re-growth in males and females suffering pattern baldness.
              Let's start growing back our Fanci-Full Hair! :)