Turn Old Denim Blouse into Trendy and Stylish Piece

DIY sleeveless denim

There's always a time that even our most beloved clothes turn out of style. What do we do then? Some of us kept it and never use it again or just give them to others, while others sell it as preloved clothes. 

Upon searching my closet, I found this denim blouse which I haven't worn again for almost 5 years.  

DIY denim blouse

It still looks good, but I don't like to wear it again since I feel that it looks small on me now since I gain a little weight. So, I get a scissor and cut off the sleeves. This is how it turned out:

DIY denim blouse

DIY denim blouse

DIY denim blouse

You can always make something new from your old clothes. You can cut, add embellishments(beads, glitters, buttons, etc) or do anything as long as your gut is saying go for it. :)

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